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Let's Learn Together

11/07/2022 09:19:13 PM


Rabbi Weill

Dear Friends,

In the Mishnah’s Pirkei Avot, Ben Zoma opines that the truly wise one is “ha’lomeid m’kol adam,” the one who learns from every person. Bartinuro, the medieval commentator on Pirkei Avot, refines Ben Zoma’s statement with, “Af al pi sh’hu katan mimenu. Even though that person is lesser than he.” In other words, the truly wise ones are willing to learn from anyone at all, regardless of social status or educational attainments.

Bartinuro continues that if you are puffed up with pride, you may be disinclined to accept any and everyone as a potential teacher.

This is not the Jewish way. Yes, we value our well-established teachers, but we also realize that wisdom can strike us suddenly and from the most unlikely sources. In the book of Numbers, a talking donkey offers a surprise lesson to an esteemed prophet. Relatedly, the writer Max Ehrmann penned in Desiderata, “Listen to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.”

Wisdom certainly comes from each other. I am very pleased that our adult education classes have resumed. I am especially happy that we are meeting in person as well as via Zoom. Please check out our offerings. Nilmad b’yachad! Let’s learn together!

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784