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Asylum-Seekers In Skokie

10/14/2022 06:10:00 PM


Rabbi Weill

Dear Friends,

As you may know, the Village of Skokie is housing scores of asylum-seekers from Venezuela. They were bused to Chicago from the states of Florida and Texas -- a deeply cynical political ploy. The state of Illinois has sought the assistance of local municipalities in providing assistance to these asylum-seekers. Skokie is one such municipality.

Village officials recently contacted me and the Niles Township Clergy Forum seeking help in collecting specific essential goods for these asylum-seekers. A LIST OF THESE ITEMS WILL BE RELEASED VERY SOON. UNTIL THEN, PLEASE DO NOT SEEK TO BRING OR PURCHASE ANYTHING FOR THIS GROUP OF NEW NEIGHBORS.

Ezra-Habonim, the Niles Township Jewish Congregation will be one of a handful of drop-off points for these items. We will determine specific hours during which members of the community can drop off the needed items.

On Sukkot we recall the long and perilous journey of the ancient Israelites, who had suffered under a brutally inhumane regime. That experience grew into a biblical mandate for us, Jews, to treat the vulnerable -- including outsiders -- with decency and humanity. We will surely do so!

So, please stay tuned. More information will be coming soon.

Shabbat Shalom and Moadim l'Simcha,

Rabbi Jeffrey Weill

Thu, February 22 2024 13 Adar I 5784