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Learning Together

07/08/2021 03:32:22 PM


Rabbi Weill

Dear Friends,

The pandemic ebbed and flowed; we despaired and hoped. And through it all, we continued learning. Our Adult Education program, under the leadership of Dr. Esther Javetz, churned out creative learning opportunities, drawing very impressive numbers. Cantor Gale has added his expertise and enthusiasm to the mix, 

A special pleasure for me are my three weekly classes: Torah This Week! (Mondays at 6); Stories from Our Tradition (Tuesdays at 2); and -- well, the ongoing Thursday Bible class (Thursdays at 11). As for the latter, during the pandemic, we concluded the long-running Land Beyond Torah class, completed several months of learning about the call to prophecy, and are now in the middle of the Book of Daniel. 

Next week is the final week of my classes until after the holidays. While I must focus on High Holiday services and sermons at this time, I tell you true: I miss the classes during the break.

If you have not attended or tuned in to our many adult education offerings, please do so! The cantor and I, as well as other teachers, are eager to share with you.  Moreover, each class engenders its own community. Learning communities create a special kind of warmth.

We at EHNTJC have a passion to educate, and we love learning together. No experience necessary! Just come and learn -- and schmooze!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Jeffrey Weill 

Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784