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The Personal-Communal Dynamic

08/06/2020 03:42:15 PM


Rabbi Weill

Dear Friends,

Grammar in Torah often shifts between plural and singular and back again. At the start of Eikev, this week's Torah portion, Moses speaks to the entire community in the plural form. He then shifts, addressing each of us individually. Later, he returns to the plural. 

This is the essence of community. Our personal behavior affects the community. And the tenor of the community affects each one of us. John Donne was right: No man is an island. Therefore each of us should be aware that a community is only as successful as its parts. Our personal decency redounds to the benefit of our congregation, our people, and our nation. 

This personal-communal dynamic obtains during the time of coronavirus. Each one of us -- I expect -- is acting responsibly. We do so for our own benefit, and also to keep safe those who might cross our path, including those we don't know. 

Julie, Betsy, Ruthie, Sammy and I are heading to New Jersey to spend time with my family. (Because of the pandemic, we are taking many precautions that we previously never needed to consider.)  

Thank you to Rabbi Ralph Ruebner and to Dr. Esther Javetz for offering divrei Torah during my absence. And best of luck to Cantor Gale on his first Cantor's Concert at EHNTJC! I'll be tuning in!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Jeffrey Weill

Tue, August 3 2021 25 Av 5781