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Causes To Celebrate

03/27/2020 05:15:39 PM


Rabbi Weill

Dear Friends,

We do have cause to celebrate! Sure, we are enduring a global pandemic. Yes, the economy has taken a major hit. Of course, we are deprived of the physical closeness to family and friends which is so important to human beings.

We celebrate nonetheless, for we marvel at the human capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. This includes us. We at EHNTJC have adroitly transitioned to virtual classes, services and meetings. It's been an adjustment, yes, but we're managing it well. I've been so pleased to see even greater attendance at our services and classes. We have easily achieved a minyan for our evening services. And scores of people have logged in to our three weekly classes: Torah This Week, Stories from Our Tradition, and The Land Beyond Torah. If you have been unable to attend EHNTJC classes or services in the past, perhaps this strange new situation is an opportunity for you. If you have questions about logging on, please call our office.

But wait, there's more! We have even greater cause for joy this week, for on Shabbat we will celebrate the bat mitzvah of Ellie Stein. Ellie is the daughter of Efrat and Mike and great niece of Ronia and Jerry Gross. I am personally grateful to Ellie, for she has demonstrated great flexibility, a true mark of maturity.

Saturday's Taste of Shabbat service will begin at 9:30 a.m. and will last a little longer than one hour. Ellie will chant Torah and offer a dvar Torah. Log on!

I also strongly encourage you to join Kabbalat Shabbat with Jeff Winter and Sally Brown-Winter, which begins Friday evening at 5:45. We thank Jeff and Sally for helping us welcome Shabbat in song.

Thank you all and Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Jeffrey Weill


Tue, August 3 2021 25 Av 5781