Rabbi Weill's Commentary

Thanksgiving Message


Dear Friends:

Our prayers can be divided roughly into three categories: I praise you, G-d; I beseech you, G-d; and I thank you, G-d.

Today we give thanks.

Some say we must cultivate an “attitude of gratitude.” Judaism agrees, and perhaps nudges us even further toward a RADICAL attitude of gratitude. Our tradition points us toward a perpetual posture of appreciation. Why else would we pray three times each day, Modim anachnu lach, we thank you, G-d for the blessings of our lives, for the very blessing of existence? Why else would the sages of old encourage us to utter 100 blessings each day?

Friends, on this Thanksgiving may each of us find ample gratitude in our hearts. And, included in that cornucopia of thankfulness, may we recognize the blessing we are to each other.



Rabbi Jeffrey Weill